Bamboo U Ambassadors Program


Invite your friends to Bamboo U

Share your code and give them $100$ off

Bamboo U will give you $100.


You are on this page because you have been to Bamboo U or you are a close ally of what we do. We believe in word of mouth referrals and the power of personal recommendations. We want to teach more people about Bamboo. We would like to help you spread the news about the value of Bamboo U. Our program gives people you know a discount on an upcoming course, and it offers a reward for you.

How do you become a Bamboo U Ambassador?

It is simple, follow this 3-steps and be a proud Bamboo U Ambassador!



Email us at and tell us about your connection with Bamboo U. We will provide you with an exclusive code to be shared with your friends.


Spread the news – share about Bamboo U to your friends and professional network, they will get 100$ OFF when booking our 11 Day intensive Build & Design course.

Be rewarded

As a reward, for each paid booking that used your exclusive code, you will receive $100 incentive. Terms and Conditions apply, see below.



To enroll the program you must have a connection to either Bamboo U as an alumni or be part of our teams at IBUKU, Green School, Green Village or Bambu Indah. You can request via to be enrolled to our exclusive Bamboo U Ambassadors Program.

There is no cap on how many friends you can share your exclusive Bamboo U Ambassadors code with.

The code has a date limit for it to be redeemed.

Commission fees will be paid once a month. Please consider that your incentive will be credited via Paypal, up to 30 days after the payment of your friend. This is the time needed for the value to be internally processed. Unfortunately at this time we can only offer the incentive via PayPal.

If a sale is canceled or refunded for any reason, the Bamboo U Ambassador will not receive the referral reward.

Ambassadors are credited only if customers complete a purchase using their code, to be applied at the shopping cart.

The Bamboo U Ambassador agrees and understands that if any of their communications associated with or for this promotion (marketing, websites, blog posts, videos, audios, emails, Tweets, Facebook posts, etc.) are deemed offensive or inappropriate, or even illegal (as search engine spams, email blast spams or other means to get unethical or illegal referrals) that Bamboo U Ambassador will be deemed, at the sole discretion of the Company, ineligible to participate in all Bamboo U Ambassador promotions. The person in question will then be disqualified from receiving any further commission, recognition, communication or compensation.

If the Bamboo U Ambassador wants to use any Brand element, such as Name, Logo, Graphic Materials, Images, Trademarks, Copyright and so on, it should be previously approved with Bamboo U Marketing department.