Bamboo U Liability Waiver

PT Global Camp Bamboo U Building and Design Course – Construction Phase Liability Release Terms and Conditions

Bamboo U will do everything in our power to ensure you have a safe, exciting and educational learning experience with us. However we do need to ensure that you understand that you are still responsible for your own safety and well-being. Please read the following document carefully and sign at the bottom.


It is the responsibility of the participant and their family to provide upfront payment for emergency services if required. In case of this unlikely event, a family member (or designee authorized to make decisions) must remain contactable at all times during the program and agree to be available to coordinate the return of the participant on the same day as receiving a call from Bamboo U management.


PT Global Camp reserves the right to dismiss any person who is in breach of any rules as set forth by the Bamboo U program Instructors and support staff that is (in the judgment of the Bamboo U management) detrimental or disruptive to the program. This includes behavior that is disrespectful and / or harmful to one’s self, other members of the group, or the local community. In the highly unlikely event of a dismissal case, or in the event of a withdrawal for any reason during a program, it is understood that all fees and deposits are non-refundable. All costs associated with the departure are the responsibility of the individual.

Health Requirements and Safety Considerations:
Every Bamboo U program will likely involve varying levels of physical challenges and participants are encouraged to prepare adequately. In the event of a medical emergency, Bamboo U will help to procure medical treatment; however, we assume no liability regarding provision of medical care. Applicants are urged to check their insurance coverage for its adequacy when outside of their country, or to purchase travel health insurance.

Bamboo U Liability, Release and Indemnity Agreement:
This document informs participants about responsibilities and assumptions of risk and includes a release of liability, indemnification and surrender of certain legal rights.

Acknowledgement and Assumption of Risk:
Engaging in Bamboo U educational activities involves certain risks. Although Bamboo U strives to provide appropriate equipment and skilled staff, I understand that there are risks, hazards and dangers associated with Bamboo U activities. I understand that associated risks may cause injury, property damage, illness, mental or emotional trauma, disability or death. I understand that the Bamboo U Staff will do everything in their power to maintain the safety of all participants. The following provides some but not all of these risks, hazards and dangers.

Risks involved in physical activity:
Bamboo U activities include using power and hand tools, climbing, lifting, carving, walking on uneven and slippery ground, encountering potential dangers associated with natural environments e.g. certain flora and fauna, and can involve transporting weight. Activities are not limited to these.

Equipment Risks:
Equipment used in activities may break, fail or malfunction despite reasonable maintenance and use.

Risk regarding conduct:
Risks include the potential that participants or third parties (e.g. rescue squad, medical facility) may act carelessly or generally fail to exercise caution.

Risk associated with travel:
Travel can be by vehicle, bike and foot and can be over rough and unpredictable terrain or rivers and potentially in adverse weather conditions.

There are other risks, hazards and dangers that may result in participants 1) falling, 2) being struck, 3) colliding with objects or people, 4) vehicle collision, 5) reaction to weather conditions or physical exertion, 6) gastrointestinal complications. These and others may cause dehydration, heat exhaustion, sunstroke, drowning, broken bones, high fever, concussions, wounds, mental trauma, disability or death.

I understand that the above description of risks is not complete and that other unknown or unanticipated risks, hazards and dangers may result in injury, damage, loss or death. I have read and understood all information Bamboo U has provided. I have no mental or physical problems or limitations that may affect my ability to participate in Bamboo U activities, which have not been disclosed. I represent I am fully capable of participating in these activities without causing harm to others or myself. I understand that the presence of Bamboo U staff is no assurance of my safety, although staff will help ensure my safety to the best of their abilities and training.

My participation in Bamboo U activities is purely voluntary and I choose to participate in spite of and with knowledge of the above risks. Therefore, I assume and accept full responsibility for myself, for both identified and not identified risks and injury, death, property loss or expenses suffered by myself and them, resulting from those risks and from my own negligence.


Please read carefully. This section contains a Release and Indemnity Agreement and surrender of certain legal rights.

I, for and on behalf of heirs, executors, administrators and representatives, agree to release, indemnify and defend Bamboo U, with respect to all claims, liabilities, losses, suits or expenses (including costs and reasonable attorney fees), arising out of any injury, damage or death or other loss in any way connected with my enrollment or participation in Bamboo U activities or use of Bamboo U tools, equipment or facilities. I understand that Bamboo U contracts with individuals or organizations who are independent contractors (not employees or agents of Bamboo U) to conduct certain activities I may be engaging in. Although Bamboo U has made reasonable effort to locate responsible contractors, Bamboo U does not accept legal liability or responsibility for their conduct. I understand that I agree that neither I, nor anyone acting on my behalf, will make a claim or file a lawsuit of any kind against Bamboo U, as a result of any injury, damage, death or other loss suffered. Any portion of this document deemed unlawful or unenforceable shall not affect the remaining provisions which will remain in effect.


I agree that all aspects of my relationship, including mediation of problems arising out of or relating to my enrollment or participation in Bamboo U are governed by Indonesian Law.

I authorize Bamboo U personnel to obtain or provide medical care for me, and to transport me to a medical facility if required. I authorize Bamboo U and medical personnel to render such treatment they deem necessary. I agree that Bamboo U has no responsibility for medical care provided to me and I agree to pay all costs associated with such care and transport.

I authorize Bamboo U to use photos taken during the course for possible promotion and communication.

Parent(s) or Guardian(s) must sign for any participating minor (those under 18 years of age) and agree they are subject to all the terms of this document. I understand my signature included my agreement to release any claims I may have against Bamboo U as a result of injury, damage, death or other loss suffered and to defend and indemnify Bamboo U should someone on my behalf, a member of family or a third party bring a claim against Bamboo U.