November 15-26, 2018 11 Day Bamboo Intensive


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Participants follow a detailed curriculum taking them through the whole life cycle of bamboo from sustainable forestry to design and construction. Each topic is supported by both theoretical lectures and practical workshops. They are guided by a team of academic lecturers and master builders. The course is about engaging with the material and immersing oneself both intellectually and kinesthetically to create a cohesive understanding of how to best apply bamboo to any context. Every course offers the opportunity to build full-scale structures and to develop design skills that will help inform each participant’s personal design projects.

Bamboo Harvesting


Model Making

Building Full Scale Structures


  • Engaging with engineers, designers and scientists about the potentials and limitations of bamboo
  • Hands-on experience building full scale bamboo structures
  • Approaches to biophilic design and organic representations
  • General engineering principles
  • Bamboo forestry management and sustainable harvesting
  • The art of traditional bamboo carpentry
  • The evolution of bamboo architecture at Green School
  • Visits to the IBUKU design office and bamboo factory


The workshop is open to ages 18 +, and is tailored for people studying or working in the  fields of design, architecture, engineering, construction, carpentry and for anyone inspired by bamboo and looking for ways to create a better world!



Founder and creative director at IBUKU, Elora has taken bamboo design to the next level in bamboo homes and structures with her design team. She spoke at TED Global in 2015 and this year at the C2 Montreal about her bamboo building and design experiences.


Trained in environmental sciences, Arief is considered as the world’s
top bamboo forestry and harvesting expert. He founded Indobamboo and aims at combining production with community development. He is a member of the Indonesian delegation for COP 21, 22 and 23.

Ewe Jin Ibuku Lead Architect Bamboo Build Construction Bamboo Architecture Workshop Bali


Former lead architect at IBUKU, Ewe Jin comes from a conventional architecture background in Australia. His devotion to bamboo has inspired him to become an ambassador of renewable natural materials.

Scott Vandervoort Bamboo U Facilitator Design


Having taught 3D design at Pratt Institute in New York for over 15 years, Scott has lectured internationally on form making and runs training workshops on abstract visualization techniques in developing hand-eye coordination. Scott now lives and works in Bali where he fell in love with bamboo while making time for his own sculpture and 2D mixed media works.


Moko is a master carpenter trained in the Balinese tradition since the age of 10 and has since trained many carpenters. He is head of bamboo plank production at PT Bamboo Pure.


Senior Architect at IBUKU and a member of the team since 2008, Defit has worked on the design of Green School since its original conceptual process, making him an expert in the evolution of bamboo structures.

Orin Hardy Director Bamboo U Build and Design Bali


Orin Hardy’s work with Bamboo is a natural extension of his interest in the environment, and his work as a Permaculture designer. He has designed a variety of bamboo structures in collaboration with architects and bamboo carpenters as part of his work in Bali. Orin graduated from The Evergreen State College in Olympia Washington USA with a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies.

Jules de Laage Program Manager Bamboo U


After graduating from the McGill School of Architecture, Jules spent some time in Brazil where he developed knowledge in bio-construction. His focus on bamboo was inspired by the German master builder Jörg Stamm, whom brought him to Indonesia as an apprentice. He joined Bamboo U in 2017.

The list of present faculty members for our November course will be updated upon availabilities confirmation.


The course fee includes accommodation in our shared Bamboo Lodge. It includes composting toilets and hot outdoor showers.  If you are a couple or simply prefer private accommodation we offer upgrades to private accomodations at the Magang Lodge. To find out about other rental options, email, she will be pleased to help you!

Bamboo Lodge

Bamboo Lodge Communal Dorm

Magang Lodge

Magnag Lodge Double Room (limited availability)


Upon booking you will receive a course booklet  including a packing list and all you need to know before joining Bamboo U. Please be aware that the course is a full time intensive course. The days begin at 8am and end on some evenings at 8:30pm. You will have one free day during the 11 days to explore Bali.

November 15-26, 2018 11 Day Bamboo Intensive


Sorry this course is fully booked!

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