April 17-21st 5 Day Bamboo Design and Carpentry


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Learn the Fundamentals of Bamboo Design and Craftsmanship

Step into the world of bamboo design and craftsmanship!

Learn about bamboo’s potential and limitations, visit the Ibuku design studio and the PT Bamboo Pure factory, discover Green Village and create your own bamboo project under the guidance of industrial designer and university professor, Scott VanderVoort, and the master carpenters from the IBUKU team.

Bamboo U Pratt Institute Scott Vandervoort Bamboo Design Workshop Bali


  • Engaging with designers and carpenters about the potentials and limitations of bamboo
  • Hands-on experience building bamboo furniture and products.
  • Learn our approach to designing through nature
  • General bamboo engineering principles
  • Traditional bamboo carpentry techniques


Designing with Bamboo

The objective of this workshop is to learn about bamboo through hands-on interaction. Under the guidance of Scott VanderVoort and the Bamboo U team, you will engage a conversation with the material and develop an understanding of its technical properties and its versatility.  The process lasts 5 days and will take you through the following stages: design brainstorm and concept modeling, exploring the creative realm of lines and volumes, experimenting with various furniture-making techniques, prototyping, realization and finishing.

Biophilic Design

We believe that our designs should comply to the principles of nature. Learn how nature inspires our projects, follow organic forms, patterns, and systems alongside experienced designers.This approach to building can impact the health and wellbeing of both people and our built environment.

Traditional Carpentry & Joinery

The Balinese people have been using bamboo as part of their traditions for centuries. Their bamboo knowledge runs deep, and is an important part of how we build with bamboo. During the course, our local carpenters will engage with you to share their wealth of bamboo experience and knowledge to help manifest any design intent you may have.

Bamboo Factory Tour

To understand bamboo, you have to understand how it grows and how to preserve it for long term use. We source our bamboo from local farmer collectives in Bali and Java, but all the treatment, processing and furniture production happens at PT Bamboo Pure Factory. During the guided tour through the factory, we will show you the fundamental steps required for treatment before site delivery and bamboo furniture construction.

Introduction to Bamboo Engineering

Learn the engineering principles that make bamboo the “natural carbon fiber”. Explore the possibilities and challenges on a range of structural techniques from conventional post and beam techniques to elegant gridshell systems.

Discover Kul Kul Farm

Sustainability is about more than just bamboo! The Kul Kul Farm – original crib of Bamboo U – is an educational permaculture site. You’ll eat fresh food from the farm during Bamboo U and you’ll get a chance to see our permaculture systems onsite.


Design for Sustainability

Whether you are an experienced professional, or just taking your first steps in the design field, you will receive insights on how to integrate sustainability into your own practice. Stepping out of your familiar environment, engaging hands on with a natural material, and learning alongside people from different cultures will allow you to step back and look at the bigger picture of what sustainable design really is. You may need to unlearn a thing or two in order to adopt a new perspective.

Connect with an international network

As the bamboo movement expands around the World, so is our bamboo family. Bamboo U gathers a diverse group of international participants and facilitators from various backgrounds. Join the Bamboo U family and follow the journeys of other members across the globe!

Develop your own bamboo products and furniture.

You can keep what you create!

Many past participants of Bamboo U have managed to create their own objects and have left with real prototypes of chairs, lamps, stools, and tables… and so much more! This workshop can help you develop and create prototypes for real world design ideas, including architectural concept models.



Having taught 3D design at Pratt Institute in New York for over 15 years, Scott has lectured internationally on form making and runs training workshops on abstract visualization techniques in developing hand-eye coordination. Scott now lives and works in Bali where he fell in love with bamboo while making time for his own sculpture and 2D mixed media works.


The course fee includes accommodation and food at the Kul Kul Farm’s rustic Bamboo Yurts, include composting toilets and outdoor showers. Check in and registration are at 8 am on the first day of the course.

The Bamboo Yurts at Kul Kul Farm

The Bamboo Yurts at Kul Kul Farm


Upon booking you will receive a course booklet  including a packing list and all you need to know before joining Bamboo U. Please be aware that the course is a full time 5 day course.

Check in and registration are at 8 am on the first day of the course.

The days begin at 8 am and end on some evenings at 8 pm.

For further information about this course please contact us by email at marketing@bamboou.com

April 17-21st 5 Day Bamboo Design and Carpentry



Private yurt

(Your own private bedroom, twin size bed)
*Couples can add second bed

Shared yurt

Twin bedroom shared with one other partecipant