December 13-15, 2019 3 Day Introduction to Bamboo

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Learn the Fundamentals of Bamboo Design and Construction

Here in Bali bamboo is redefining the rules of architecture and design. We believe the future must be both beautiful and sustainable. The Bamboo U 3 Day course offers a quick and comprehensive introduction to bamboo as the sustainable timber of the future. Throughout this course you will learn about the potential and limitations of bamboo, visit our processing factory and engage manually with the material during hands on workshops to explore the fundamentals of lightweight structural systems. You will learn how to design for bamboo structures- with bamboo, making scaled models using handcrafted bamboo sticks, following the practice of IBUKU. You will also learn the fundamentals of bamboo joinery techniques by working hands on with the material under the guidance of master carpenters that helped to build the Green School.  

Time:  9am until 3:30pm each day.

Arrive: Please arrive 10 minutes before start time.

Please bring: A water bottle, a hat,  clothes you don’t mind getting dirty

Who is this course for?

The workshop is open to ages 18 + and is not only tailored for people studying or working in the fields of design, architecture, engineering, construction, or carpentry, but for anyone inspired by bamboo and looking for ways to create a better world!


Bamboo Factory Tour

To understand bamboo you have to understand the supply chain. We source our bamboo from local farm collectives in Bali and Java, but all the treatment, processing and furniture production happens right here in our factory. You will receive a uniquely tailored tour of our factory to understand the fundamental steps required for treatment before site delivery and bamboo furniture construction.

BAMBOOU - Bamboo Factory-2-IMG_1345

Reciprocal Tower Workshop

Hyperbolic reciprocal towers are at the heart of the bamboo architectural legacy of Green School and a key signature feature of IBUKU’s designs. During our workshop you can learn about reciprocal systems, lightweight structural principles and engage hands-on with bamboo to make medium scale models.

BAMBOOU - Reciprocal Tower-15-IMG_0952

Traditional Balinese Carpentry & Joinery

The Balinese people have been using bamboo for thousands of years. Their traditional bamboo knowledge runs deep in their culture and is an important part of how we build with bamboo today. During the course, our local carpenters will engage with you to share their wealth of bamboo experience and knowledge to help manifest any design intent you may have.


Bamboo Engineering Basics

Learn the engineering principles that make our elaborate buildings stand strong. Explore the possibilities and challenges on a range of structural techniques from the conventional post and beam techniques, to elegant grid-shell systems. By applying some of these concepts to tangible projects, you will see the opportunities, possibilities, and limitations they present.

BAMBOOU COURSE - DAY 1 - 142 - IMG_6144

Model Making

Bamboo model making is an art at the very core of our building process, and the models are generally used as on-site blueprints for full-scale structures. Models made out of small bamboo sticks allow us to explore the ways in which bamboo “wishes to be used”. We will take you through a series of applied workshops where you will learn how to follow a design process taking you into a conversation with the material itself.

BAMBOOU COURSE - DAY 4 - 62 - IMG_7285

Course Outcomes

Learn the essentials of bamboo construction

As a Bamboo U alumni, you will leave with a set of tools to help you build with bamboo in your own context. We do our best to ensure that everyone receives a rich learning experience that moves them forward in their personal and professional journey with bamboo.  

Become a designer for a sustainable future

Whether you are an experienced professional, or just taking your first steps in the design field, you will receive insights on how to integrate sustainability into your own practice. Stepping out of your familiar environment, engaging hands on with a natural material, and exchanging with people from different cultures will allow you to step back and look at the bigger picture of our age and time. You may have to unlearn a thing or two to adopt a fresher, greener point of view.

Connect with an international network

As the bamboo movement expands around the world, so is our bamboo family. Bamboo U gathers a diverse group of international participants and facilitators from various backgrounds. Join the Bamboo U family and follow the journeys of other members across the globe!

The Bamboo Lodge

The Bamboo Lodge

The Bamboo Yurts at Kul Kul Farm

The Bamboo Yurts at Kul Kul Farm


Upon booking you will receive a course booklet. The days begin at 9am and end at 3:30PM. Lunch is provided on site, accommodation is not provided. 

December 13-15, 2019 3 Day Introduction to Bamboo

US$ 300.00