Bamboo U Projects

Building of the Green Camp Meditation Space

Originally a structural study of the new kitchen at the Bamboo U campus, Green Camp’s meditation room explores numerous experimental processes, pushing the limits of bamboo’s flexibility and the potential of environmentally friendly composite materials. The structure was first built at The Kul Kul Farm during the August 2018 11 Day Design and Build, as […]

Guide to making a fish mouth

The Fish Mouth is named after the way one bamboo piece “bites” into its counterpart. This traditional joinery technique makes use of the bamboo’s intrinsic properties by evenly distributing loads across the full section of the bamboo culm. The art of making this joint can be broken down into the following steps: 1. Gather the […]

The 7 bamboo species we use the most

It may be hard to believe, but there are 1,400 documented species of bamboo on the planet! They are spread around the world, though about 900 (64%) of them naturally grow in Southeast Asia, including 145 specifically endemic to Indonesia. With just one species, you can produce a variety of products, anything from food to […]

Swaying Bamboo

Experiencing an earthquake in a Bamboo house. It’s 4 in the morning. The night is still dark and the wind softly whispers to the trees. I open my eyes and sit up in my bed. Everything around me seems to be spinning. Am I dizzy? or still dreaming maybe? As the seconds pass, the bamboos […]

New Bamboo U Campus Project

Build with us Bamboo U is building a bamboo campus. We are building and designing the campus as an ongoing process with the help of students, architects, engineers, and designers from around the world. Bamboo U is a way to share the experience and knowledge that has been developed by Ibuku and green school over […]

Arch Daily: Surprising Material Alert – The Black Bamboo

As a construction material, bamboo is resistant, versatile, grows rapidly and is immensely friendly with its own ecosystem and its agroforestry environment. In addition, it presents a large number of species that deliver different diameters and heights. But are there also variations in its color? We are truly impressed with the work of architects, builders, and [...]

Arch Daily: If We Were To Design The Ideal Building Material, It Would Look A Lot Like Bamboo

"Bamboo is close to an ideal structural material." This statement by Neil Thomas during his talk at Bamboo U, which took place in November 2017 in Bali, really caught my attention. Neil is the founding director of atelier one, a London office of structural engineering, whose outstanding projects include stage and scenography for the Rolling [...]

Arch Daily: How (And Why) to Integrate Earth and Bamboo Into Your Architectural Project

By recognizing and analyzing the multiple architectural possibilities of bamboo—a construction material mostly native to warm and tropical areas—the following questions arise: How can we take advantage of its qualities and enhance its use in colder climates? Such regions necessarily require a certain level of thermal isolation in walls, floors, and roofs—but for these climates, we [...]

Arch Daily: Why Architectural Models Are Crucial in Making Bamboo Projects a Reality

Each material has its own peculiarities and, when using it for building, the design and construction process must accommodate these characteristics. A steel-framed building, for example, must be designed with a certain level of accuracy so that components and parts, usually manufactured off-site, fit together during assembly. A wooden building can have its cross sections drastically modified according [...]

Arch Daily: Learning Basic Bamboo Joinery With Indonesian Carpenters

The main objective of the BambooU build and design course is to promote bamboo as a green building material, and to provide tools to architects, designers, builders, engineers, and carpenters from all over the world to value this material and increase its use. The 2017 version of the course invited its participants to be part of a basic carpentry [...]