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BAMBOO U - Building Facade with Bamboo Roofing

Building With Bamboo: Starting From Scratch

A journey of building a house with bamboo roofing in the rainforests of the Chachapoya…

BAMBOO U - Orin Hardy Holding A Bamboo Model

5 Tips For Beginner Bamboo Designers

5 things that are often overlooked when beginning to practice as a bamboo architect or…

How To Propagate Bamboo

In this article, we share the 6 steps to propagate your own bamboo from a…

BAMBOO U, Bamboo Canopy at Bamboo U Campus Bali, Sibang

Why Is Bamboo Sustainable?

In this article, we share the 5 main reasons why we believe that bamboo is…

Why Build Bamboo Models: The 5 Key Benefits

In this article, we share the advantages to creating a bamboo model as part of…

Building a Bamboo Seesaw

Follow Marie’s journey of designing and building her very own seesaw out of bamboo.

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