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Bamboo Pioneers

The seven people that have led the way to what bamboo building is today.

BAMBOO U - Bird House by Jesslyn Hong

Building A Bamboo Bird House

Follow the journey of crafting a bamboo bird house from scratch in just 4 days…


How Do You Protect Your Bamboo Structure From Fire?

While bamboo, as an organic material, is naturally flammable, the extent of bamboo’s fire resistance…

BAMBOO U - Digital Design Tools for Bamboo (1)

5 Digital Design Tools for Bamboo We Love

Computer-aided and parametric design can be great allies in the design process for your bamboo…

BAMBOO U - Kenzo Parfums Scholarship

Win A Scholarship To Bamboo U

As part of our partnership with Kenzo Parfums we are looking for 10 designers to…

BAMBOO U - Vernacular Architecture Practices

Vernacular Bamboo Structures Around The World

Discover the different cultures around the world that used bamboo for their traditional structures.

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