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Reciprocal Tower in Bamboo Architecture

In this article, we share what a reciprocal tower is, how it works and how…

BAMBOO U - Bamboo & Brass Table

Designing a Bamboo & Brass Table

Read about Paul’s journey designing and crafting a bamboo side table combining local bamboo, brass,…

BAMBOO U - Bamboo U Hall at Bamboo U Campus, Bali

Hyperbolic Paraboloids in Bamboo Architecture

In the modern world of bamboo construction, you can find a wide range of complex…

BAMBOO U - Priscilla Black and Bamboo Hammock Chair in Bamboo U 11 Day Course

Building A Bamboo Hammock Chair

Follow the journey of crafting a bamboo hammock chair from scratch in just 4 days…


Bamboo Pioneers

The seven people that have led the way to what bamboo building is today.

BAMBOO U - Bird House by Jesslyn Hong

Building A Bamboo Bird House

Follow the journey of crafting a bamboo bird house from scratch in just 4 days…

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