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Here in Bali, bamboo is redefining the rules of architecture and design. We believe the future must be both beautiful and sustainable. The Bamboo U 11 Day Course follows a detailed curriculum taking you through the life cycle of bamboo–from sustainable forestry to design and construction. Each topic is supported by both theoretical lectures and hands-on workshops. Best of all, you get to walk away with your creations!

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Our bamboo design and build course is an 11 day immersion into the bamboo world we have created here in Bali. This program provides students with a foundation in Bamboo construction to improve their work as designers, architects, engineers, developers, entrepreneurs, and environmental advocates. And it’s not only for professionals, anyone with an interest in bamboo can join and begin creating amazing designs!

The Bamboo U Campus is located next to the Ibuku design office and bamboo factory–walking distance from the Green School. Our curriculum covers botanics, traditional craftsmanship, engineering, biophilic design, and the fundamentals of sustainable bamboo architecture.

Every topic is supported by theoretical lectures and practical workshops. Participants will also have the opportunity to meet and engage with bamboo innovators, entrepreneurs, and designers. The course content is created in collaboration with the Ibuku design team and is inspired by the knowledge and know how of world class bamboo experts.

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Who's been to Bamboo u

Bamboo U has attracted educators, experts and bamboo enthusiasts from all around the world, in both academia and practice.
Here’s who’s been to Bamboo U.

Bamboo’s versatility is unparalleled, and so is Bamboo U's. As an engineer, the construction phase of the course was particularly fulfilling given that you get to synthesize everything you’ve learnt in a practical, hands-on, tangible way.

Ram Guddireddigari Engineer from India

It is an amazing experience to participate at Bamboo U. The course is excellent: guided by brilliant experts, you are introduced to all the opportunities of how to work and live with this extraordinary material... What a thrill, the Bamboo-Journey has just begun!

Mara Arleth Architect from Germany

My expectations were exceeded. I fell asleep every night fully saturated with information and inspiration. To be honest, the best part of the course was the community it built and the creative dialogue it fostered.

Kevin Courtney Designer from America