Bending Bamboo To Build Unique Window Frames: A DIY Project

In March 2024, Vincent traveled from Australia to join Bamboo U's 11-day course to learn more about bamboo and enhance his skills for future projects. During the course, he worked with glue laminated bamboo to craft a unique, raindrop-shaped bamboo frame.

Follow Vincent's journey as he bends and crafts a bamboo frame in the Bamboo U Build and Design course.

How did the concept and idea come about for this bamboo window frame?

The design of this window frame is inspired by the shape of a raindrop, chosen for both its aesthetic appeal and practicality. The compact design ensures ease of transportation, while the distinctive shape captures attention, demonstrating the unique potential of bamboo.

Opting to use a single type of bamboo allowed me to refine my carpentry techniques and explore the material's limits. This approach not only honed my skills but also pushed the envelope in terms of what bamboo can achieve. By maintaining simplicity and innovation in the design, my goal was to highlight bamboo's versatility and elegance in a functional yet visually striking manner, appealing to both carpenters and architects.

Can you walk us through the process of crafting the frame?

As a carpenter, I knew from the start that I wanted to create something simple yet unique. The idea of raindrop-shaped window frames has been on my mind ever since visiting IBUKU. Seeing their raindrop door inspired me to pursue a similar look for my first bamboo project.

Interacting with local artisans and exchanging ideas has been a valuable experience for me. Despite the tight time frame pushing me to finish the project ambitiously, I've had a lot of fun working on this small-scale project.

To simplify things, I mainly worked with 2mm skinless bamboo splits. I measured and shaped them carefully to get the right size and shape. While it might seem like all I did was bend and glue the bamboo, it actually required a lot of patience because bamboo needs gentle handling.

From beginning to end, this journey has been meaningful for me. I appreciate the support and guidance from the carpenters and the Bamboo U team throughout my project.

Any challenges and learnings you’d like to share?

In this project, my biggest challenge was ensuring that I could shape the bamboo with patience. As a carpenter, I'm used to working with tools and doing manual tasks, so that part of the process was straightforward for me. 

However, using bamboo was a whole new experience. It's a material I hadn't worked with before, so I had to learn its properties and how far I could push it to get the shapes I wanted.

Talking with other carpenters on site was incredibly helpful for me, especially when it came to choosing the right bamboo and bringing my design to life. They shared valuable insights and tips that I wouldn't have known otherwise. For example, they helped me understand which type of bamboo would work best for my project and how to manipulate it effectively.

Despite the design challenges, rather than challenges I actually learned more to be patient throughout the process. Sanding, bending, and gluing took a lot of time, as each step required careful attention. However, even with the wait, the experience was still exciting. Besides, I enjoyed helping others with my knowledge in between tasks, which made the process even more fulfilling for me.

How do you feel about the experience?

Bamboo has always intrigued me, so having the chance to explore and learn about it is something I truly appreciate. As a carpenter, understanding materials and being flexible with the process is part of my job.

I appreciate the patient team who answered all my questions, as well as the skilled carpenters who are masters in their fields.

Joining this 11-day course and learning hands-on about bamboo has been a surreal experience for me. Interacting and getting to know everyone has been fun too.

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About the author
Vincent King | Carpenter

Vincent King, an enthusiastic Australian carpenter, is eager to learn about bamboo, a new material for him. He joined the Bamboo U course to improve his woodworking skills and incorporate bamboo into future projects. Additionally, he hopes to connect with like-minded individuals who share his interest in sustainable construction.

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