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BAMBOO U - Eclipse House at Green Village

Women in Bamboo

In this article, we recognize the work of women leaders in the bamboo industry. Their…

BAMBOO U - Bamboo U Hall at Bamboo U Campus, Bali

Hyperbolic Paraboloids in Bamboo Architecture

In the modern world of bamboo construction, you can find a wide range of complex…


Bamboo Pioneers

The seven people that have led the way to what bamboo building is today.


How Do You Protect Your Bamboo Structure From Fire?

While bamboo, as an organic material, is naturally flammable, the extent of bamboo’s fire resistance…

BAMBOO U - Bamboo Structure Details

Is Bamboo a Safe Construction Material in Natural Disasters Like Earthquakes?

Bamboo structures can survive earthquakes if they are designed, constructed, and maintained well. They are…

BAMBOO U - Vernacular Architecture Practices

Vernacular Bamboo Structures Around The World

Discover the different cultures around the world that used bamboo for their traditional structures.

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