Crafting a Curvilinear Bamboo Table

Last October 2023, Nathalie and Ahmed joined Bamboo U to learn about bamboo design and building. During the course, they immersed themselves in building a table that was initially meant to be a rocking chair and soon evolved into this beautiful curvilinear table. Read their story here.

Design, Idea, Concept, and Inspiration

The idea first came to build a rocking chair for Ahmed, for his future use as he gets older and after his retirement.

At first, we created the rocking chair from circles on paper, but then we wanted to change the shape a little bit. We had to make two identical legs for the rocking chair with requirements for height and comfort of use. All these requirements led to this particular form. The chair that we didn't make had to be comfortable, compact, light, springy, and naturally beautiful.

Development and Building Process

We started making a template for one side of the rocking chair. Then, one by one, we placed bamboo strips against the nails. Using a heat gun, we curved the bamboo into the right shape and glued them together. After seven strips, the day had finished, and we needed at least 14 strips to support the weight of a person in the chair.

With only two days left, we realized that if they were only circles, it would have been much easier and quicker to make. At this moment, we decided to make a table out of what we had so far - one side of a rocking chair.

We started making the legs of the table the same way on another template. When the glue was dry, we used the sander to make the edges smooth and equal. We assembled the table with two bamboo poles between the tabletop and the legs. Now, we had to think about what to put inside the tabletop.

In the small space (100/60cm) we had, we wanted to showcase the natural beauty in the shapes of the bamboo in sections, as well as the color range. We slightly deviated from this wish because we had not taken into account the short time and available resources.

We moved on and put the bamboo pole in the length of the machine to get beautiful shapes, Ahmed used the saw and the knife to make them fit inside the tabletop. We could finish just on time with all the help from the carpenters. We learned a lot!

Challenges and Learning

The challenging part was choosing the shape of the sides of the chair and making it. Through the carpenter's hands, everything seemed so easy, but it was not. To us, the rewarding part was the last part where we made the inside of the tabletop. We were finishing the table and we liked it a lot.

At the end of the process, we could see the creation we had made, giving us a feeling of satisfaction. Now, we have a unique table, and hopefully, one day, we will make a rocking chair next to it. Ahmed is not on his pension yet anyway.

It's always great to learn something new! The place is beautiful! The people are great! This is something different, just do it!

This course was on my (Nathalie's) list for 5 years, and now we finally went. Ahmed came along with me, having no idea what he was getting into, but:

The course itself exceeded our expectations. So many positive people in one place, such an environment, such an atmosphere - all thanks to the employees, teachers, students... down to each staff member. The praise is not in vain. Everything was beyond superb.

To immerse oneself for 11 days in nature away from city noise among like-minded people is an incredible experience. I don't want to list names so I don't leave anyone out. Everyone, the entire team of "Bamboo U" - such unity, a sense of reciprocity... Such a recharge after the rest of the busy everyday life.

Huge thanks! We would repeat this at every next opportunity! We are glad that you are there, and that we had the opportunity to be together!

With a lot of love - Nathalie and Ahmed

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About the author
Nathalie de Lange & Ahmed Emirov |

Nathalie de Lange, from the Netherlands, initially worked part-time as a truck driver while concurrently exploring her artistic side through painting during her free time. Embracing a multifaceted approach to self-discovery, Nathalie found solace in yoga, meditation, and transcendent travels, delving into these pursuits through extensive reading and courses. Presently, she is immersed in the pursuit of becoming a landscape architect, aspiring to merge her passion for nature and creativity, particularly focusing on bamboo. Her love for travel, nature, and outdoor activities, such as walking and biking, is shared with her partner, Ahmed.Ahmed Emirov, born and raised in Bulgaria, pursued a career as an agricultural economist. Ahmed established a small transport company in the Netherlands, aligning with his professional background. Nature holds a special place in Ahmed's heart, manifesting in his hobbies of hiking and climbing. His appreciation for art and admiration for the work of artists contribute to his well-rounded interests. Together, Nathalie and Ahmed weave a narrative of shared passions, nature-centric pursuits, and a harmonious partnership.

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