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Building A Bamboo Restaurant In Bali

This August, join us in Bali and participate in the construction of a bamboo restaurant…

The Kyrgyzs-Andean Bamboo Yurt’s ceiling or tunduk,

Building a Bamboo Yurt in Ecuador

Follow Mateo Sáenz’s journey as he builds a bamboo yurt inspired by a traditional Kyrgyzstan…

BAMBOO U - Smoking and Heating Bamboo

Traditional Methods For Treating Bamboo

The 4 methods used traditionally to treat bamboo including, harvesting, leaching, fermentation, smoking, and salt-water…

BAMBOO U Final Model ; Suspended Bamboo Dining Room by Melyssa Lim

Designing A Suspended Dining Room Using Bamboo

Hear from Melyssa Lim about her journey designing a bamboo dining room for a restaurant…