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BAMBOO U, Bamboo Canopy at Bamboo U Campus Bali, Sibang

Why Is Bamboo Sustainable?

In this article, we share the 5 main reasons why we believe that bamboo is…

Why Build Bamboo Models: The 5 Key Benefits

In this article, we share the advantages to creating a bamboo model as part of…

UWA School of Design at Bamboo U

Hear from Dr. Rosangela Tenorio an Associate Professor at the University of Western Australia School…

BAMBOO U - Bamboo Model Final by Diane Diaz

Designing A Bamboo Playground

Follow Diane’s journey of designing a bamboo playground in the Philippines during the online course.

Looking for Bamboo Architects To Build Green School Tulum

Green School Tulum is looking to hire architects to join the team who will build…

BAMBOO U - Project Wind by Nathania Ritualo

Explorations Of A Typhoon Safe Bamboo Structure

In this article, Nathania shares her experience of exploring the design of a typhoon-safe structure…

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