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Coconut Shack made of Bending Bamboo at Bamboo U Campus

Building a Curved Structure Using Heat Bent Bamboo

Join us in the process of building a curved structure using heat-bent bamboo!

BAMBOO U - Bamboo Structure Details

Is Bamboo a Safe Construction Material in Natural Disasters Like Earthquakes?

Bamboo structures can survive earthquakes if they are designed, constructed, and maintained well. They are…

The Kyrgyzs-Andean Bamboo Yurt’s ceiling or tunduk,

Building a Bamboo Yurt in Ecuador

Follow Mateo Sáenz’s journey as he builds a bamboo yurt inspired by a traditional Kyrgyzstan…

BAMBOO U - Smoking and Heating Bamboo

Traditional Methods For Treating Bamboo

The 4 methods used traditionally to treat bamboo including, harvesting, leaching, fermentation, smoking, and salt-water…

Mudlime Wall

Building Bamboo Walls with Mud and Lime

The combination of bamboo and lime/mud is an amazing building technique to build walls for…

Tile Clay Roof on Bamboo House

How To Install A Clay Tile Roof For A Bamboo Building

A guide on how to install a clay tile roof for a bamboo building. In…

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