Workshop: The Basics Of Bamboo

Bamboo U collaborated with Ubud Writers & Readers Festival on 16th October 2021 to present a half day workshop: The Basics of Bamboo.

This was our first in-person bamboo workshop in almost two years and it was a great success. Everyone had a great time learning about bamboo construction together. After getting a campus tour, the participants learned how to construct a model for a real-life bamboo hyperbolic tower, which they then built in the second part of the workshop with the help of our specialist bamboo architects and carpenters.

During the workshop we worked at different scales to fully understand the strengths and limitations of this sustainable construction material. From building models to full scale structures. We shared two of our favorite structural systems with the group by building a large Hyperbolic Tower using Thyrsostachys siamensis bamboo and a Hyperbolic Paraboloid using Phyllostachys aurea bamboo. Participants were also the first people to see our finished Bamboo U Campus Kitchen ‘Dapur Naga’ and it was wonderful to share this incredible new space with them.

We ended the day with a delicious Kul Kul Farm lunch & ready for next year and all the in-person workshops we have planned! Click here for the upcoming in-person courses next year!

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